Shoshone County Fire District One

               BLUE SHIFT                                                                         RED SHIFT                                                                       

Jack Long, FF/ AEMT


                                       GREEN SHIFT 

          Victor Malsom, lieutenant 

About Jack Long:

HOBBIES: I love to spend time with my family, hunting, fishing, and riding my Husqvarna dirt bike.

WHY FIRE/EMS: It has always been a childhood dream. The idea that everything I learn could be used to help someone who was in trouble is an amazing opportunity.

PLACE YOU GREW UP: Born in NV and moved to Wallace in 5th grade!

MUSIC/MOVIE: Johnny Cash, Sawyer Brown, and Alan Jackson. John Wick movies!

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A FF/AEMT: Since 2015, my career as a volunteer and career FF/AEMT has been with Shoshone Co. Fire Dist.#1.

about dan Parrish:

HOBBIES: Working out, hiking, eating, and spending time with my new fiance'


PLACE YOU GREW UP: Sandpoint, ID  



About lt Victor Malsom:

HOBBIES: Anything outdoors. Hunting camping, etc. Working out, snowboarding and spending time with my family. Did I mention lifting weights? I like to pick up heavy things and then put them down!

WHY FIRE/EMS: This is a career that I can be proud of. Coming from a family line of helping others as my dad was a police officer and my mother a school teacher. I want this career to be able to help others, make others feel safe in their community, and give back to a community I call home.

PLACE YOU GREW UP: Billings, MT, and graduate college in MN at Concordia University.

MUSIC/MOVIE: Any and everything especially if it has Arnold Schwarzenegger!

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A FF/AEMT: I started out a volunteer at SCFPD#1 here and tested for a full-time position and got the dream job! Victor has been with SCFPD#1 since 2016.  Vic Malsom is currently a Lieutenant for SCFPD#1

about carrie simmons

I love to sew & work in my garden. Family is the upmost importance. Our fire life began when my husband became a volunteer firefighter / EMT in 1990. The brotherhood and love the fire family possess is priceless. I am honored to be on their team as their administrative assistant! 



ABOUT Ashley Christmann:

HOBBIES: During my off time I enjoy snowboarding, hiking, traveling, and socializing with family and friends.

WHY FIRE/EMS: When I was very young I had nurses and EMTs give a presentation at my school and I have been interested in emergency medicine ever since.

PLACE YOU GREW UP: I have lived in the Silver Valley for most of my life.


HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A FF/Paramedic: I have been a firefighter since 2019 and a paramedic since October of 2021. 

Dan Parrish , FF / AEMT

about: Probie

HOBBIES:  Cooking  meals for the Duty Crew

WHY FIRE/EMS:  I love Fire Family because they are hot! 

PLACE YOU GREW UP:  Far Far Away in place known for logging industry and strawberry farms. 

MOVIES/MUSIC:  Run Forest Run

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A FF/AEMT: so long that I am going to Medic school  

          Fire District One Probie S

about: Probie

HOBBIES:  Outside events, playing games, and physical fitness. 

WHY FIRE/EMS:  I spent my childhood at the fire department and when I retire, my goal is to know I helped others and provide good care. 

PLACE YOU GREW UP:  North Idaho Silver Valley

MOVIES/MUSIC:  End of Watch and Shinedown

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A FF/EMT: I obtained my Firefighter cert in 2015, and EMT in 2016.   

          Fire District One Probie W